Darrins' Bio

Darrin has been involved in the performing arts
ever since he was kid. In school he took music,
theatre and was the only male in his high school
chorus class. After high school, Darrin spent a little
time in New York and Los Angeles where he did  
some acting ( yes that was him doing some day
work on General Hospital and Divorce Court ).

Returning to Michigan and being a member of the
Screen Actors Guild, Darrin continued to act in
local commercials and industrial films. But his heart
has brought back to music. Because Darrin has
been an Elvis fan since he was a kid, when he
would sing at Karaoke bars he would sing Elvis
songs. Then people started asking him to sing at
their weddings, birthday parties and "My Tribute to
Elvis" was born.

Although Darrin mostly performs in Michigan, he
has also performed in Canada, Ohio, Iowa and Las
Vegas. Where ever he performs, Darrin always
delivers a fabulous tribute  with as much love and
understanding for Elvis he possibly can
The "Burning Love" Band
Keith Ottenbacher
Kevin Ottenbacher
Larry Banner
Here have come together the finest working musicians in
Michigan to form the Elvis tribute band Burning Love. Although
individually they are busy playing in each of their own working
bands, they enjoy getting together and performing for Elvis' fans.

The original TCB band themselves would be proud of the way
these guys strive to re-create the sound that helped make Elvis'
music famous.
About Darrin